My First Post About Data Scientist

My title is Research Scientist. It grew from Ph.D., Postdoc, Associate Research Scientist to get here. When I compare my job responsibilities to industry standards, I realized that:

1. I am a #dataengineers . When I first came to the lab in 2007, there weren’t any data pipelines. Throughout the years I have built pipelines to do data processing and clustering computing.

2. I’m a #statisticians. As the researcher who did the stats behind all the papers, I am familiar with many statistical analyses. After studying the industry standards, I realized I was doing #predictivemodeling and #machinelearning. The thing I am trying to get more experience right now is #deeplearning. I plan to apply #neuralnetwork to our huge human EEG dataset.

3. I’m a #developer. I had coded many video games for kids to play, like Cyberball for social rejection, some balloon games for risk evaluation, and a very fancy Bomb game for threat detection. I’m recently working on moving them on to AWS.

After I decided to look for opportunities in industry, I started learning some data scientist courses on my own. I was surprised that I was able to go through the courses fairly quickly, because I already have the math, programming, and statistics background.

I will record my journey. More next.

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